TLDR; just a girl from Ottawa, Canada who likes to make things. 

I'm a little bit obsessed with sock monkeys and crafting heals my soul. 

I have always dreamt of finding a way to help cultivate meaningful moments between people. There's a certain magic that comes with giving someone a gift, especially when it's one you've handmade or put a lot of consideration into. It may not be homemade with your own hands, but I like to put special care and attention into each monkey to hopefully be the perfect match to their future human. 

If you have any special design ideas, feel free to reach out and we can throw around ideas to make some magic. 

I also curate various home decor items like tapestries, dreamcatchers and other neat things to help people make a better space that they love. We spend a lot of time in our homes and it's important to make your outside environment match what you feel inside to make it feel like home